My son’s school classroom calls themselves the MIGHTY MANATEE’S.  Being the crafty family that we are we decided to make good use of all the plastic baby food tubes we had been saving.  Take a peek and see what we crafted for his classroom Halloween treats!  Mighty Manatee Candy Holders.

(supplies: empty storage containers such as Pringles Chips or baby crackers, silver spray paint, grey tube socks, 1/4 yard scrap fabric, tissue or crumpled paper and goggly eyes)

Spray paint your containers…  (the sock covers the tube.  so for the sake of time you could skip this step)

Stuff the tubes with candy or toys…

Pop on the lids…20151009_134351


Crumple up the tissue or scrap paper to stuff into the toes of each sock to make the Manatee head…20151009_135320


Slide the sock onto the tube…20151009_135458

Tie fabric scraps around their necks to secure the sock and tube.  We chose cow fabric as Manatees are often called ‘Sea Cows’!  Then glue on their goggly eyes.  20151009_141336



No two Mighty Manatees will ever be the same!  Positively hilarious one-of-a-kind Sea Cow’s!20151009_141236