If you simply judge the book by its cover, you might think that Karen Gillman’s “It’s Never Too Late – A Ten-Year Journey with Weight Loss Surgery” is a book giving advice, suggestions and information for those only interested in losing weight. However this book is so much more. A very fast read, this beautifully written and engaging book took me under an hour – even with the many times I stopped and pondered the lessons shared.Its Never Too Late by Karen Gillman

Karen has a realistic outlook in life that exudes “Celebrate the Small Things” without being preachy. It’s easy to say – “Just Make New Habits” – we read this all the time. But I have never see
n it broken down into such bite sized easily digestible pieces that Karen has so beautifully gifted to us. Her emphasis on Goal Setting and Achieving – Workable Techniques on How to deal with setbacks – and Suggestions Applicable to Any Area of Life where Improvement is desired is very inspiring and motivating because it makes things – – where failure might have occurred before – – now with new hope and belief it’s achievable. Thank you for this gift of wisdom.

Jerri Menaul – Clearwater, FL